Always Beautiful.

To some people, wood flooring is the most beautiful and easy to care for material you can choose for your home. It never goes out of style and goes well with any decor. The durability of a hardwood floor can make it an investment that lasts a lifetime. In addition to beauty and style, a hardwood floor can increase the value of a home significantly.

Wood can be considered environmentally friendly because the industry is re-planting more trees than they use. Thanks to an industry-wide commitment to sustainable forestry, there is 90% more hardwood growing today in the U.S. than there was 50 years ago. Wood is also biodegradable, recyclable, as well as the least energy-intensive flooring material, consuming far less energy to make than carpet, linoleum or composite tile.

With a little basic understanding about the different types of wood floors, you can be better prepared and more confident in your selection. Wood floors are produced in both solid and engineered planks and strips and come in a wide variety of wood species.

Some commonly manufactured hardwoods include:


  • American Cherry
  • Ash
  • Red Oak
  • Maple
  • Walnut
  • White Oak

  • Bamboo
  • Brazilian Cherry
  • Chestnut
  • Mahogany
  • Kempas
  • Tigerwood
Hardwood Beauty in Your Home

At National Carpet and Flooring, we offer a variety of hardwood options at our Crofton location. Browsing our selection of species and colors will undoubtedly inspire you. For more details about products we carry, give us a call at 410.721.4747.

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