Define your Space

When you have a change in mind for a room in your house, some designers say to start with the area rug first! From its shape, color or texture, you can choose your paint color for the walls, find throw pillows, accent pieces or artwork for this space and pull it together. This is not a rule, just an idea to consider. .

Area rugs provide warmth and comfort, they reduce noise, and they draw the eye to an area that YOU want defined. A dynamic area rug can be the artwork on your floor providing interest in a neutral space. Most people do not decorate with flooring as the star of the room, but we encourage that thinking!

We offer a variety of area rugs including:
  • Contemporary
  • Floral
  • Traditional
  • Patterns
  • Shag Texture
  • Custom

Browse our selection of area rugs on display in the store or look through the catalogs we have that show what is available. Don’t forget that area rugs come in standard sizes, and selected sizes only from most manufacturers. There’s nothing worse than finding that the 10×12 rug you want only comes in an 5×7. We also bind rugs, using new carpet material. Here’s an area rug tip: plan to order extra wall to wall carpet and have an area rug made from the same dye lot as what we’ve installed on your floor!

Accentuate your space with an area rug from National Carpet and Flooring. Call us at 410.721.4747 for more information and to request a free estimate for any of our products.

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